If you’re going to be a real Editorat, sooner or later you will need to have some rats in your home. Or so my kids say. So may I present to you: The rat ladies.

Illustration einer Ratte von hinten

My daughter has been nagging me for months about getting rats. My answer was always: “Nnnyyyeaahhhh, no.”

It’s not that I don’t like rats. I am an Editorat, after all. But I don’t really have the time to take care of pets. You know how it’s going to end: Mommy will be doing all the work!

  • But then, one day, I opened my bureau and found a little note taped inside:

    „May I please have rats?“

  • In the bathroom cabinet:

    „Please? Rats?“

  • In my closet:

    „Rats are awesome!“

  • In the fridge:

    „I would really clean the rat cage, not just in the first few weeks. Rats are great! Pleeeeeease!!“

  • Inside the chocolate wrapper:

    „Rats?“ (with a drawing)

  • Next to the telephone:

    „Please, please, please rats!“

  • Taped to my car key:

    „I would really do everything the rats need and pay for them myself.“

  • And even under the toilet lid(!):


What mother could say no to that, especially if she is an Editorat?

And so, two weeks ago, we rescued three cute little rat girls from their dreary life at the animal shelter and are doing our best to get them settled in.

Bild der 3 Ratten
Et voilà: Ratso, Moony und Sushi (clockwise)
Foto einer Ratte, die aus dem Käfig schaut
Why, hello!

So, don’t be surprised if you find a pair of cute little round eyes looking at you from this page every now and then.

By the way, our rats live in a four-storied luxury cage with a hammock, lots of things to climb on, and plenty of corners to cuddle up in.

Foto von zwei Ratten
Who's there?
Foto einer Ratte mit Kulleraugen
Who could resist those eyes?

As soon as these ladies are settled in, I’ll be handing them red markers so they can help with the next manuscript.

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