Illustration einer Ratte von hinten

Most rat species are afraid of humans and live in forests.

Every person is unique – every project is different. 

Texts are written by people and this is why you can rarely compare one to the other. Some are easy to read and to correct or translate, others need a little more TLC. 

I will be happy to make you an individual offer tailored to your specific project. To be able to calculate the offer, I will need the following from you:

  • The exact number of characters (including spaces)
    In Word, you can find the number of characters by simply clicking on the number of words at the bottom left of the status bar.

  • An excerpt from your text
    Please send me 2-3 pages from your text, preferably from the back third.

If it is editing you require, we will also need to agree on the level of editing. Do you want proofreading, copy editing or content editing? Are you looking for any additional copywriting?

As soon as I have all the necessary information, I will send you a customized offer.


Please note:

First time customers will be asked for an advance payment of 40 %.