Everything in this world has its limits and so does editing. I will do my very best to cater to your needs. However, even the Editorat cannot perform miracles. Please note these guidelines:

For me to be able to work on your text, it must meet the following requirements:
  • The text needs to be complete.
    I will not compose passages or do research for you.

  • The text needs to be coherent,
    . . . because I cannot edit your document in a satisfactory way if I do not understand it.

Illustration einer Ratte von hinten

Visitors to the Karni Mata Temple in India come mainly to worship and feed the 20,000 rats who live there.

What I cannot do for you:
  • Editing of subject matter that is far beyond my area of expertise (e.g. legal, scientific, or highly specialized texts).
    Proofreading may be an option in these areas.

  • Editing (beyond proofreading) of academic papers.
    This is against the law in Germany.

  • Fact and source checking.
    My day only has 24 hours.

  • Design and layout of your document.
    I am, unfortunately, not qualified to do this.